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Nei Mongol TV and Nei Mongol Chinese TV Depart ChinaSat 10

Nei Mongol TV and Nei Mongol Chinese TV are no longer broadcasting on the ChinaSat 10 satellite at 110.5° east longitude. The exact date they left is unclear, but it happened sometime between January 20, 2024 and March 3, 2024.

Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region in China with a rich cultural heritage, offers a variety of television options for viewers. This article explores both Nei Mongol TV, a broadcaster focusing on Mongolian language and culture, and Chinese channels available in the region.

Nei Mongol TV: A Window into Mongolian Culture

  • Nei Mongol TV Today & Live: Unfortunately, due to limited real-time program information availability, checking “Nei Mongol TV today” or “Nei Mongol TV live” might not yield immediate results. However, some resources can still be helpful:
    • Nei Mongol TV Wikipedia: While a dedicated Wikipedia page for Nei Mongol TV might not exist yet, you can explore the page for “Inner Mongolia Radio and Television” ( for a broader overview.
    • Live Streaming: Finding a reliable live stream for Nei Mongol TV can be challenging. It’s recommended to search for official apps or websites of Inner Mongolia Radio and Television, which might offer live streams (if available).
  • Nei Mongol TV App: The existence of a dedicated Nei Mongol TV app is uncertain. You can search app stores using relevant keywords in Mandarin or Mongolian, but official sources are preferred.

Exploring Chinese Channels in Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia, like other parts of China, offers access to various national and regional Chinese channels. Here are a few examples:

  • Xinjiang TV: This channel focuses on programming related to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, including Uyghur language and culture.
  • Yanbian TV: Broadcasting in Korean and Mandarin, Yanbian TV caters to the Korean minority in China, particularly in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.
  • Qinghai TV: This channel offers programming related to Qinghai Province, showcasing its diverse cultures and landscapes.
  • Sichuan TV: Sichuan Television broadcasts content relevant to Sichuan Province, covering news, entertainment, and cultural programs.

Chinese Cable TV:

Cable TV providers in Inner Mongolia likely offer a mix of national and regional Chinese channels, including those mentioned above. Contacting your local cable provider will provide the most up-to-date channel listings.

Finding the Right Channel:

While Nei Mongol TV focuses on Mongolian language and culture, Chinese channels offer a broader range of programming in Mandarin and other regional languages. Exploring both options allows viewers to experience the rich tapestry of Inner Mongolia.

Note: This article provides a starting point for exploring television options in Inner Mongolia. Information availability, particularly regarding live streaming and apps, might be limited.

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