Zadruga 2018 biss key found on Eutelsat 3C

Zadruga is a Serbian reality TV show broadcasted on RTV Pink, as a successor of the Farm reality TV series. The first season started on September 6, 2017.

Its biss key and satellite technical detail is here.

Eutelsat 3C (3.1°E)
Frequency: 12737
Pol: H
SR: 2929
Category: Autre
Transmission On: MPEG-2
Infos: Zadruga 2018

CW:20 18 09 41 06 CE DE B2


More about Zadruga Reality TV:  Zadruga relity TV show was created in Serbia by Željko Mitrović, owner of RTV Pink.

Some 1,500 people works in production of this show. For scenography, consultants and technicians from Hollywood were hired. Contestants are covered with 140 cameras and viewers can follow the action from different angles.

The Zadruga complex also have climate control unit, able to create different weather conditions, i.e. snow in May, rain in August etc.

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