Viasat Ukraine DCW Keys

 Amos 2/3 @ 4° West 


Viasat Ukraine

Viasat Ukraine is a Ukrainian direct broadcast satellite television distributor. It is owned by “Vision TV” which is a joint venture between the Strong Media Group (SMG) and the Swedish Modern Times Group (MTG). It competes with NTV Plus Ukraine and Poverkhnost which broadcast on the Eutelsat system.

The service was launched April 21, 2008 using DVB-S & DVB-S2 transponders on the Astra 4A, Hot Bird and AMOS satellites to broadcast channels compressed with MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 AVC codecs.

Caid: 0931:000000
11256 H 30000 s2

Viasat Sport HD
CW: 00000000000000003F9E280593925A7F

TV1000 Premium HD
CW: 0000000000000000691558D67569CDAB

TV1000 Megahit HD
CW: E41B6261EAFBFEE30000000000000000

TV1000 Comedy HD
CW: 0000000000000000D257749D930AA340

Viasat Nature/History HD
Cw: 0000000000000000781454E01971951F

Discovery Showcase HD
CW: 0000000000000000B505823CBD7C0841

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