Universal Network PowerVU Keys on Apstar 7 @ 76e

Universal Television is the television production subsidiary of the NBCUniversal Television Group and, by extension, the production arm of the NBC television network (since a majority of the company’s shows air on NBC, and accounts for most of that network’s prime time programming). It was formerly known as Revue Studios, MCA/Universal, NBC Studios, NBC Universal Television Studio, and Universal Media Studios. Both NBC Studios and Universal Network Television are predecessors of Universal Media Studios.

universal network

Universal Network

Apstar 7 @ 76,5 E
3720 H 29620

Syfy Universal HD Asia, Diva Asia HD, E! Philippines, E! Asia HD, Syfy Universal Taiwan, Universal Channel Asia HD, Diva 2, Diva Taiwan 

ECMKEY 00: 0123456789ABCD00
ECMKEY 01: 82C0EFD82EAF9300


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