The biss key for TVI Internacional on new frequency

We have found the biss key of TVI Internacional available on Hispasat. The key for this channel was working earlier but a small changes have noted on 10th July that technical satellite paramaters have changed. changed paramaters and key is mentioned at the end of this post.

TVI Internacional

TVI Internacional is the international television service of TVI. It is available in Europe, Africa, North America and Oceania. Programming is taken from the main channel as well as TVI 24 and original programming. As a leading channel producing Portuguese telenovelas, TVI started its international expansion as an exclusive to the Angolan ZAP satellite platform on May 30, 2010. In July 2011, it became available as a digital terrestrial television channel in Andorra. In the following year, it became available across cable services in Western Europe and North America.

Satellite technical paramaters and biss key.

TVI Internacional
Hispasat  30°W  10890 V 27500
TP: 12052 V 27500
VPID: 1091
APID: 1092
PCR: 1091
SID: 500
PMT: 100
KEY: 12 48 16 70 32 64 12 A8

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