Satellite TV Updates

TV1000 Megahit, Premium & Action East left from Astra(12130)

Astra 4A / SES-5 @ 4.8° East
following channels have left.
TV 1000 Megahit
TV 1000 Premium
TV 1000 Action East

12130 V 27500 3/4

Viasat Film is a group of cable and satellite movie channels broadcasting to the Nordic countries and owned by Modern Times Group (MTG).

Viasat Film was started by Kinnevik on 27 August 1989 as TV1000, using one of the sixteen transponders on Astra 1A, the very first Astra satellite.
In June 1991 TV1000 announced that they channel would merge with another pay movie channel called SF Succé. This gave the channel a content boost with several Swedish films. It also made TV1000 more able to compete with FilmNet which was the leading premium channel at the time.

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