Turkuvaz Medya feed biss – Turksat

Turkuvaz Radio Television Gazetecilik ve Yay  , Media operating in the sector tourism enterprise .

Former concessionaire Ahmet Çalk , of 5 December 2007 Date of SDIF used in the tender held by Ciner Holding ‘which is connected to the Central Media Group ‘ s 1.1 billion dollars ‘ to have bought.

As a result, ATVs , a news , Yeni Asir TV , Minika television channel named Radio Turquoise , Romantic Radio has radio stations, in the morning , Calendar , New Century and rust Fotomaç newspaper named, Baby and Us , Movie , Dinnerware , Home Art , Lighting Plus , a new current , Money (magazine) , Hulya (magazine) , Global Energy , Transport , Legal Perspectives magazine named, Cafe Rouge , Teknokulis website and called Turquoise distribution now with all rights and assets turquoise Inc. To the world.

Turkuvaz Medya feed biss - Turksat

Turksat @ 42E
12054 H 27500 3/4
Turkuvaz Medya feed
CW: 73 E4 B6 00 4C 84 EA BA

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