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Turkish Football – Besiktas Vs Bolu

42 E
Besiktas Vs Bolu
Name: Unnamed
VID PID: 512
Freq: 12673,130
Pol: Vertical
SR: 7498,467
Mod: 8PSK
FEC: 5/6
Std: DVB-S2
CW: 9D 17 EA 9E 5D 59 17 CD


Match Information:

The last whistle in the first half. The teams go 0-0 in the locker room.
45 ‘The free throw of Adriano from Boluspor deflects the ball out of the box.
The referee says it’s a dead ending in the middle of the field. Besiktas will use free kick.
45 ‘Ocay made a left-footed shot by Necati.
At the end of the first half of the 45 minutes was added 1 minute.
45 ‘Aboubakar thinks of Ömer, who is moving towards the back of the defense, but the defensive ball is cut short. Gökhan’s shot struck Soner in the returning ball.
44. Boluspor has left the football field with free throwing by sending forward.
43 ‘Tunahan fouls Atinc. Besiktas will use free kick.
The 42nd thought of Tunahan moving on the right wing. At?nç intervened to prevent the growth of danger.
41’Smail’s right-wing center made the day meet the successful name Rhodolfo.
Ozan thought of Tunahan moving in the right canyon in the 40th minute Boluspor attack but intervened in the time of Rhodolfo to prevent the danger.
Necati sent the forward ball to Atinc Nukan.
38 ‘Aboukakar’s pas?nda Kerim got into the penalty area with the ball and made a midfield but the ball stayed in goalkeeper Soner.
37 ‘The free kick used by Fatih went directly outside.
36 ‘The ball is crossed by Tounahan Beck receives a ball. Ongoing Ismail stood on the spot. Boluspor will use the free kick this time.
35 ‘Buluspor Tunahan wanted to go fast but Adriano intervened in time to prevent danger. The ongoing ball went out. Boluspor will use corners.
Shot on target by Adriano on the corner. On the ongoing attack Aboubakar’s shot went out.
33”Boluspor’da Soner teammate said that the foul was made and the yellow card was disputed.
32”Has emerged Besiktas Omer Necati’nin away from the ball and went out. Besiktas will use the corner.
31’Smail wanted to escape from the opponent’s place was in place and waited for a foul, but the referee Ismail’?n found on the ground playing manually.
At 30 minutes Boluspor is trying to be effective.
28 ‘Fifteen is trying to put pressure on this minute.
Shot off target Aboukakar on the away team’s left wing
26th Fifth was dangerous. Adriano faced the post-busting Aboubakar keeper without forwarding the pie forward. The ball went out on his side.
25 ‘Alcay thinks of Aboubakar moving on the right wing but the ball is quite fast. Soner came out and took the ball.
24 ‘Adriano left the field and Soner checked the ball out.
23` The indirect shot used by Gökhan’s head kicked Rhodolfo out of the top.
22` In Fatuspor, Fatih played by hand. Besiktas will use indirect hit.
He made the middle of Ismail, who took the ball from Tunahan in the 21st hole of Boluspor. Rhodolfo intervened to prevent the danger.
Though he thought Kerim was moving 21st in the future, Soner abandoned his goal in time and took the ball.
20’Kim Frei took the ball on the right wing, then thought Aboubakar moving forward, but Hope intervened.
19’Fatih used by free throwing Atinc head with the ball away.
18’Cumali was left in the intervention of Umar. The home team will use free kick.
He thought Tunahan was moving in the right-hand quadrant but he intervened in Adriano’s time and prevented the danger.
17 ‘The lines that went over 5 minutes ago have already started to disappear because of the snow.
16”Hut welcomed the center of the left-footed Rhodolfo head.
15’Necati free throwing the ball forward forward after Tunahan Gökhan’dan wanted to strip away, but with a successful intervention Gökhan’dan took the ball from the rival.
It was in place with the intervention of Samuel Eslem. Boluspor will use free kick.
13’Smail thought the Fatih’i moving right bank but Besiktas defense intervened.
In the middle of the 12th, Aboubakar’s arrival struck in Soner. Besiktas was dangerous for the first time.
11 ‘Togo Ozkalfa stopped the game due to an overcast shower. Officers will pass over the lines.
10 ‘The header of Özgür’s head kicked out of the corner by Tünahan.
Tunahan’s hit, which ?smail left from the left on the 10th-fast Boluspor attack, hit the defense and went out. Boluspor will use corners.
Adriano’s free kick foul against Boluspor defends
The 8th round was in midfield. Besiktas will use free kick.
8’Bolu’da increased the effect of snowfall. The players began to struggle standing up.
7 ‘The ball is crossed by Tänahan and Beck catches the ball. Ongoing Tunahan’s hit was in Tolga.
6 ‘Going into the penalty area of ??the ball, Tunahan hit the ball and went outside. Boluspor will use corners.
While the 5th-season footballers were rusting among themselves, Adriano made a mistake and passed the ball home team.
The team that dominates the ball is constantly changing because of the mistakes made in the first minute.
3’Olcay sent forward the cake Karim used the hand and the ball passed the Boluspor’a.
The 2 team’s players are having difficulty in controlling the ball and making passes because of the ground.
Atatürk Stadium’s ground is profitable because of snowfall which is effective in 1’Bolu.
The first whistle played. Two braces succeed.
Our national anthem in m.ö.bolu …
m.ö.tak?m and came on the field for the ceremony.
M.ö.bolusp TD Fuat Capa: “We respect Besiktas, but we want to play our own game. We season our goal is to play well”
m.ö.be?ikta? backups: Utku Fatih Sezer, Mohammed Sadat, Hamza
M .ö.boluspor backups: Melih, Diarra, Emre Kilinc, Emre Gültiken, Emrullah, free, Kutay
m.ö.be?ikta? the first 11: Tolga, Beck, Rhodolfo, At?nç, Adriano, Gokhan Inler, Aslam, Kerim, Olcay, Omar, Aboubakar
m.ö.boluspor first 11 Soner, Renato, Necati, free, Fatih, Cumali, Hope, John, Ismail, Tunahan Ozan
m.ö.mücadel when we will be with you with live commentary .
BC Ziraat Turkish Cup will share Boluspor and Be?ikta? trumps during the 3rd week.

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