True4U (Thai Channel) biss

True, the Four ( English : True4U ) television channel, which is produced by True Visions Public Company Limited () presented a list of messages. Entertainment and Sports From Truevisions some. Broadcast network Digital terrestrial television by the NBTC. Licensing category of general image sharpness normal broadcast channel numbers 24 and parallel. TV satellite Or Cable TV


Since 2541, TV subscription UBC (name at that time) the presentation. Featured Product TV broadcasts 24 hours a day on channel number 10, with the original name. Shopping At Home ( UK : Shopping @ Home ) later in 2548 the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP.), The Ministry of Industry. Rent the channel The hired to UBC. Content production is The SM’s Shop ( UK : SMEs Shop Channel ) until 1 July 2552 of TV Direct Limited for the channel from Truevisions. Then content yourself by name. Shopping Network ( UK : Shopping Network ) .

Then, on July 16 2555 Truevisions policy changes, the number 10 is the new name that True Ten ( English : true 10 ) as well as some of the content. Type of content Entertainment and Sports The copyright Truevisions. Broadcasting 24 hours a day through all channels of Truevisions. And broadcast in parallel TV satellite system C – Band. With boxes of PSI by another user box. Must be decoded before Can be viewed Until 23:59 hrs. On March 31 2557 Truevisions cease broadcasting True Ten. To improve broadcast system To support the digital terrestrial. Before returning to start broadcasting in its current name. The official date is 22 April 2557 to the present. The channel Truevisions. Is broadcast with high contrast images. Channel No. 2 with more (Continued from July 29 2558 to switch to the True Inside the box No. 4) as True’s small, which presented its recommendations on television. True Visions own. Moving from the number 11 slot to replace True Ten channel number 10 (from 26 April 2559 on Channel Four True, the channel number 4 to number the boxes and digital TVs and 24.40. satellite TV channel number 24)

Thaicom 78.5°E 3910 V 14200
Thaicom 78.5°E 12355 H 30000
CW: 21 66 43 CA 55 10 D8 3D

All thaicom satellite tv channels biss keys.

All satellite tv channels biss keys.

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