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Tricolor TV dre-crypt keys


Tricolor TV (Russian: ???????? ??) is the Russia’s largest direct-to-home provider based in Saint-Petersburg and has broadcast two hundred TV channels in the European part of Russia and Siberia since 2005. As of October 2014, Tricolor TV provided satellite services to over fifteen million subscribers (approximately 40 000 000 viewers).

According to the research of J’son and Partners Consulting, Tricolor TV leads HDTV broadcasting in Russia (39,6%).Tricolor TV is the Russian pioneer of UHDTV broadcasting also.

Broadcasting under the trademarks of Tricolor TV and Tricolor TV Siberia is carried out by the National Satellite Company, CJSC (NSC, Russian: ???????????? ??????????? ????????).

TriColor TV detail Express AT1 @ 56E
TriColor TV detail Eutelsat 36B/36C (Express-AMU1) @ 36° East

Recent De-Crypt Keys

RICOLOR TV & KEY 56 (36.0°E)
D 4AE111 5600 CC53005B3CA358A04629F7E7341451C3860717B1FC73C60EA6A164E26A957D3F
D 4AE111 5601 461464AC31382E9A7E9179C05FC3D3BD975B3AAA2A8705645C8E8D236F25981B
D 4AE111 5602 7C9E8F5E47EA40CE4AC5BF0753948FBF2078A1526465AE8E0CF613FB81AAF46C
D 4AE111 5604 17274F3DDCB45ADDDEFFA10354E336AF0EE9DB401BD9DEE33AF0E04C55B47C52
D 4AE111 5606 D0EBDA06B929844AC8D5B0AE033A3020934796805EA86BEE3B7491C029C752F1
D 4AE111 5607 DD2DC361AC7477E75A70BAE38538EFD0A0CCA5C594A1571C965A93D22C80173B
D 4AE111 560B 16BD3DD4F642ED2C01F33A2AE156A8B8EB1511AA40CBEFE4AF4B4E1F7E82104E
D 4AE111 560F BCE69533644332118CAD1810129E027A74375CE2A995F5633290674DB5B640AB
D 4AE111 5610 1EEB7211BE293CDE1210E156E139C3862AE2EC99C9A82C1CC62AF3A734EC224A
D 4AE111 5611 27DCC0DA796095383DA77D436810A14DC1661683BACFA739C7EC9DAEA70A5E12

D 4AE111 3B00 44D493EB14BBC2A07C81430740BB4CB0AF67F94EAA883290A6DA475E717EE273
D 4AE111 3B01 5A9472A1E14E5218E708A55E5694F1C7CB4069905C0B3FDFB6A91A0939F8AE63
D 4AE111 3B02 81BCD36E335715A75FD87068020BC20473EEF6A7C177A0AAE2D2EDCE946D698E
D 4AE111 3B04 596E53AD2DCD87B42E4B74DD8CF6B6345FE5BD3D450DC3EC9508FC5406EECDC2
D 4AE111 3B06 7BC04C8F065FF3CAAD94C964DADA99851C045B658A710DFA157FEFAE8D89E15C
D 4AE111 3B07 DEA2AEB7EF2062611BC60EB468E1157C77DB87C812B648BC6B7BAD9BD609D1CB
D 4AE111 3B0B 1A49CB2C6141993D891E5ECA7A8AE274997ED266BF743F4EF3EE7563B9F0463B
D 4AE111 3B0F 69942BEE2C851ED271CA5A6A5CB4D9DA214B30006EC4BA06A7B63B51D4799C75
D 4AE111 3B11 A32B720BD6F58C6C36B7103FDA4EE337A292BACDD677EB3662CC7ED8D3A98051

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