Tolo TV & Lemar TV HD Biss

Tolo TV HD

Tolo TV is a commercial television station operating in Afghanistan. Launched in October 2004 by MOBY Group, it became one of the first commercial stations in the country and laid the foundation for an accessible media outlet by offering a large library of shows. It is currently Afghanistan’s most popular television channel.


Tolo TV was first launched in Kabul but as of November 2007, has broadcasts in 14 cities in Afghanistan on free-to-air and throughout the region by satellite. Its sister channels are: TOLOnews and Lemar TV.

Tolo TV was the subject of documentary film in 2012 called The Network, by Eva Orner. The film saw limited international release in 2013.

Tolo TV & Lemar TV HD Biss

Technical details and biss key.

Tolo TV HD – Lemar TV HD

52E@ Yahsat-1A
12015 H 27500

Lemar TV HD
CW: 31 2D BA 18 74 1F 55 E8

Tolo TV HD
CW: 78 6A F4 D6 32 AB C5 A2

Lemar TV HD 78 6A F4 D6 32 AB C5 A2
Maiwand TV AB AB AB 01 12 34 56 9C
Rah-e-Farda TV AB AB AB 01 12 34 56 9C
Tamadon TV AB AB AB 01 12 34 56 9C

Lemar TV HD

Lemar TV (meaning “Sun TV” in Pashto) is a television station based in Kabul, Afghanistan, which was founded in 2006. It is owned by MOBY Group. The channel broadcasts news, shows, and entertainment programs to certain parts of the country.


Its sister channels are Tolo TV, TOLOnews and FARSI1 (which is also owned by News Corporation). Lemar TV play Hindi serials dubbed in Pashto like Laagi Tujhse Lagan. This channel is the second most watched channel in Afghanistan, after Shamshad TV which is the main transmission carrier Pashto channel along with Khyber TV.

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