Test 913 @ 85 East biss

This test is available in Telekarta package which is available on the satellite Horizons 2 & Intelsat 15 at 85.0°E.

Test-913 85.2E BISS

11960 ? 28800



Test 913 @ 85 East biss

Coverage area of this satellite


Last announcement from this package.

“Priority” – a comprehensive service for the “Accessories” subscribers, which provides its users the right to exclusive service, unique services and offerings.?


Privileges “Priority”:

Priority subscription service?
Members call on the services for 8 (800) 100-104-7 have priority dial and a separate branch of the voice menu that allows you to not listen to the full cycle of information of voice messages and not “hang” on the line, waiting for an answer operator.

50% discount on the subscription fee?
When connecting the “Accessories line” users “Priority” returned 50% of the monthly fee bonus rubles.Bonus rubles can be spent for the connection of additional packages.
Week view additional package?
Often, before you buy something, we want to try it. With the “priority” is such an opportunity! Each month, you can connect to choose one of the available add-on packages for a week without charging a fee.
Special offers and promotions
for you? “Priority” members held closed stocks and draws unique prizes from the “Accessories” and partners. “Accessories” Stay tuned.


How to activate the service “Priority”?

For subscribers who are connected to the package
“Unlimited”, “Unlimited East the HD”
service is free !Subscribers base packages
“Standard” and “Standard
East” service is available
for only 50 rubles a month .
To connect the “Priority” must:
• call  8 (800) 100-104-7  (toll-free in Russia)
and request a connection, specifying:
number of access cards;
contact mobile phone;
•  make a payment  to the account of the access card in the amount of 50 rubles per month.

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