TeleAmazonas biss

Teleamazonas is an Ecuadorian television channel; It is operated by Radio and Television Center, Cratel SA, in the city of Quito and Guayaquil SA Teleamazonas, in the city of Guayaquil . It was founded on 22 of February of 1974 , being the first to transmit images in Color , one also is ranked # 2 among the 15 most represented and remembered from Ecuador as ranked by the magazine channels Glance . Currently it belongs to Teleamazonas Group .

He is a member of the Association of Television Channels of Ecuador to which he returned from 2012 in February and Organization of Iberoamerican Television also has international alliances with chains like: Caracol TV in Colombia , Televen of Venezuela , America Television of Peru , Unitel and Red ATB of Bolivia , Channel 13 of Chile , Telefe of Argentina , Monte Carlo TV , Teledoce and Saeta TV Channel 10 of Uruguay , Telefuturo of Paraguay and TV Azteca of Mexico .


Satellite technical detail and biss key

Intelsat 805 & Galaxy 11 & Amazonas 1 at 55.5°W
3919 H 3300-3/4
Biss:10 A0 1B CB 12 D5 40 27

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