Tajik package (85E) biss

For most of the population, radio and television are the most important sources of information. During the civil war (1992–97), the Rakhmonov government severely repressed both broadcast and print media; since that time, neither has recovered independent operations. In 2006 six government television stations and 18 private stations were in operation, but most of the latter depended on government transmission equipment. Although the law requires registration of independent broadcast outlets, some unlicensed stations have operated. Russian channels are received by satellite, and most regions receive one of the two national television channels. Radio stations broadcast in Persian, Russian, Tajik, and Uzbek. In 2000 there were 141 radios and 326 television sets per 1,000 population.

Tajik package

Satellite technical detail of Tajik package and bis key.

Horizons-2 85°E
12180 V 15000 s2
CW: 12 34 00 46 AB CD 00 78

Information have received that at this time this package have left from mentioned satellite and transponder.

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