SYRIA CH1 @ 11W On Biss Key

television channel owned by RTV Syria and broadcast throughout the world on various satellites. The television station is based in Damascus, Syria since 1995.

Here is technical detail of Syria Ch1 inclding a biss key.

Express-AM44 @ 11° West
Fréq: 10983 – V -12111
MPEG 2 – 4:2:0 – SDTV
NEW CW: A8 1B 72 35 C6 3D 54 57

SYRIA CH1 @ 11W On Biss Key


4:2:0 720×576 25fps 2332kbps  4:3
NetwordID: 65535   TransponderID: 1   ServiceID: 2
Video: 100 Audio: 110  –  eng  (MPEG-2)
PCR: 8187  PMT: 3922 Teletext: 0

Syria TV features a variety of general-interest programs.

Syrian soap operas
Aalam men Akhbar
Sabah al Khair
Al-Nas lel Nas
Hamzet Wasel
Al-Balad Baladak
Mulaeb al Ghad
Huna Dimashq
Nahja Maan
Al-Muwaten w el-Wazeer
Hadis Al-Balad
Bath Mubashar

Most of the programmes are in Arabic. There is also a number of English programmes and some news broadcasts in English, French, Spanish, Russian and recently Turkish.

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