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Now came back 1+1, Unian tv, Plus Plus & Bigudi on Amos 2

AMOS-2 is an Israeli commercial communication satellite, part of the AMOS series of satellites. The satellite was positioned at 4° W longitude in the geo-stationary orbit. it was launched at December 27, 2003 from Baikonur, Kazakhstan and it serves clients in three service regions: Middle East (including Israel), Europe and eastern coast of United States. Transmission and communication services given by this satellite include: direct distribution of TV and radio translations, TV and radio translations to communication centers, distribution of internet services, data transmissions to communication networks.


Technical details of recenet changes.

Amos 2/3 @ 4° West
1+1,  Unian tv & Plus Plus left from
10722 V 27500 5/6
Bigudi left from
10806 H 30000 3/4

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