SIS Live Pack PowerVU Keys

SIS LIVE is Europe’s largest supplier of satellite uplinks.  In the UK, we provide contracted digital satellite services to all the major broadcasters — BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Good Morning Britain, Sky News and Sky Sports.

SIS LIVE is also the only company with multiple regional bases throughout the UK.   Since our first live non-sport broadcast of the fall of the Berlin wall back in 1989, we have become a major force in the uplink and satellite news gathering (SNG) markets. From a handful of vehicles our fleet has grown and now numbers approximately 128 uplink trucks and additional flyaway units.

We cover over 100,000 hours of satellite links each year for worldwide events.  As well as our contracted services we also supply connectivity for major events on an ad-hoc basis, and our credits include:

London Marathon
European Tour Golf
Glastonbury Festival
UEFA Champions League Football
Premiership Football

12149 H 27500
Coral TV1
Coral TV2
Ladbrokes Extra
SIS Spanish Racing

12419 H 27500

SIS Racing Service William Hill
Ladbrokes Extra
SIS Euro Racing
Betfred Tog – Cisco 3
Betfred TTV – Cisco 4
Betfred Virtual – Cisco 5
Betfred SIS – Cisco 1
SIS-Live Package PowerVU keys
Key0: 09 A4 1E FC F3 0B BB

Key1: CB 33 C2 AE 51 A7 97

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