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SIC Internacional is SIC’s international channel, which officially launched in September 1997 in France and has since expanded throughout the world. SIC Internacional is aimed at Portuguese viewers who live abroad and features programming from SIC and its various other channels. Programming includes news, entertainment, talkshows, series, sports and much more. It also features exclusive coverage of Portuguese Liga football matches every weekend.


SIC Internacional is for the Portuguese migrant communities and available via cable and satellite in Africa (Angola, Mozambique & South Africa), Europe (France, Switzerland & Luxembourg) and North America (United States & Canada) and Australia and New Zealand via Luso Vision. It operates 24/7.

In North America, SIC Internacional is not available directly but rather via local Portuguese television channels.

In Canada it is relayed via FPTV and in the United States via SPT TV. These relays run alongside local productions aimed at the communities in the respective countries.

SIC Internacional
Eutelsat 16A  16ºE 12571 H 3702 7/8
Biss CW: 12 45 78 CF 87 54 21 FC
10730 H 27500 3/4
CW:8C 81 7C 89 71 6C 60 3D
F 00041FFF 00 8C817C89716C603D BISS KEY 00
F 00041FFF 01 8C817C89716C603D BISS KEY 01
8C 81 7C 89 71 6C 60 3D 8C 81 7C 89 71 6C 60 3D

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