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Shubh Cinema TV started and Pengal TV left from IntelSat 20

IntelSat 20 is a very popular satellite where hindi and urdu channels are available from a long time, in these days several new channels have opened from this Sat. also a lot of channels moved from InSat 4A to Intelsat 20. this satellite is located at 68.6 East.

here is todays update on Intelsat 20.

Intelsat 20 (IS-20) @ 68.5° East

Shubh Cinema TV started and Pengal TV left from

4003 V 7200 3/4

shubh cinema

About Shubh TV

Shubh Tv is an Hindi-language 24/7 Hindu religious spiritual television channels in India, owned by Pittie Group. Shubh TV channel is dedicated to Hindi Devotional Songs, Indian culture and philosophy.

now they have launched movies channel mentioned above in this post.

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