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Shant TV (Armenian: ???? ??????????????????) is a private television broadcasting company in Armenia. Shant TV was founded by Arthur Yezekyan in Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, in 1994. Shant TV launched a full 6 hour broadcasting schedule in May 1995.
shant tv
Satellite details with biss key
Shant TV
Intelsat 904 (60° E) 11622 V 8527 3/4
F 00040578 00 1234569C7890ABB3 ;Shant TV (60°E)11622 V 8527 3/4
F 00040578 01 1234569C7890ABB3 ;Shant TV (60°E)11622 V 8527 3/4
Shant TV
Launched 1994
Owned by Arthur Yezekyan, Armen Minas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Country Armenia
Headquarters Yerevan
Formerly called STV Armenia

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