RCTI Biss Key on Palapa D

RCTI is a part of MNC package available on Palapa D @ 113E

Palapa D (113.0°E)
4186 V 8800 (MPEG2/$)
SID: 0005
CW: 15 E7 2E 2A B7 0E 04 C9

Palapa D (113.0°E)
3933 H 7200 (MPEG4/$)
SID: 0006
CW: 15 E7 2E 2A B7 0E 04 C9


RCTI Biss Key on Palapa D

About RCTI

RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia) is Indonesia’s first privately owned television network and is based in West Jakarta. RCTI broadcasts Indonesian Idol, X Factor Indonesia, MasterChef Indonesia, Rising Star Indonesia, The Voice Indonesia as well as sinetron (soap operas), films, news and current affairs, reality shows and religious programs. The network’s flagship news program is Seputar Indonesia (Around Indonesia), which later expanded to four editions in February 2009. Presenters include Michael Tjandra, Inne Sudjono, Dian Mirza, Ariyo Ardi, and Tasya Sarief.

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