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PTV Sports have changed encryption from biss to conax

PTV Sports is a encrypted pakistani Govt owned channel, it is available on satellite Paksat 1R @ 38 east from long time. this channel was using biss encryption and its key was also available easily which was provided by the PTV management.

From 26 May 2017 PTV Sports have changed it’s encryption from Biss to Conax, since conax have not public keys, so availability of PTV Sports Conax keys will be not possible. but may be could available in future via internet cardsharing method. PTV have distributed their setboxes to all cable tv providers to make continue the broadcasting of PTV Sports channels for cable tv users.


here we are sharing technical detail and last time active biss key.

PTV Sports
4004 V 15555
Paksat 1R 38.0 E
Biss: F7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB
this biss key is not working at this time because encryption have changed now into conax.
wait for new updates regarding PTV Sports availabilty on satellite for free to air watchers.

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