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The EPTV, and nicknamed The Ground, is the first general public channel Algeria ‘s public television Establishment broadcast terrestrially throughout the territory.

The 24 December 1956The French Television Broadcasting (RTF) in the French departments of Algeria launches its first television transmitter standard in VHF 819 lines , installed Matifou , facing Algiers which he is distant fifteen kilometers away. The transmitter, which cost 1.2 billion francs , covers most of the city of Algiers, its suburbs and much of the Mitija . A technical trick allows simulcasting of sound in two languages ( French and Arabic ) for some of its programs. RTF Television in Algeria is thus the first in the world to be bilingual and to broadcast French and Arabic shows commented in both languages. Speakers of French and Arabic speakers share in turn the presentation of the programs, some appearing live on the screen while the others do the translation in voice-over, and vice versa the following day. The broadcasts are entirely realized on the spot, no relay being possible with the Métropole. Thirty-one hours of programs are broadcast weekly in 1957 , composed of film, theater, music and operas, variety, information, magazines and sports reports and children’s programs. Metropolitan television provides 11 hours of programs on these 31 weekly hours, mainly theater, variety and lyrical works. The newscast is broadcast at 20 pm and rebroadcast at 22:30 and is presented by Jean Luc, Jean Lanzi , Jean-Claude Narcy and Jean-Pierre Elkabbach . It is made entirely on site using tapes sent by United Press and France Video plus two or three reports locally filmed daily with commentary in French and Arabic for a simulcast on both audio channels. Many programs (music, folkloric, children’s, concerts and theater) and short films are specially created to feed the grid of Arabic-language programs under the direction of Fathallah Benhassine, who is already responsible for the Arabic and Kabyle programs on Radio RTF France V 1 . From its birth, the Television of Algeria therefore wishes to address all the components of the Algerian population who are likely to receive it.

Programme National

Satellite paramaters and biss key

Al Yah 1 @ 52.5° East
12149 V 27500 5/6
CW:11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

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