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TRT Feeds, Haber, Spor & TRT 2 HD Biss Keys

TRT Network is a general entertainment channel operated by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), a public broadcaster in Turkey. TRT Network offers a variety of programming, including drama series, documentaries, game shows, and news.

Turksat is a Turkish communications satellite operator that provides satellite-based services, including TV and radio broadcasting, to audiences in Turkey and beyond. TRT Network is available via Turksat, specifically on the Turksat 4A and Turksat 3A satellites.

To access TRT Network via Turksat, you'll need a satellite dish, a compatible satellite receiver, and a subscription to a satellite TV provider that offers the channel. TRT Network is also available through online streaming platforms for viewers who prefer to watch the channel over the internet.

There are some TRT channels are using biss key on Turksat satellite we are sharing the detail.

Satellite Transponder
Turksat @42e 10968 V 7918
Biss Key
TRT Feeds 17 CA C8 A9 2A 85 AD 5C
TRT Haber 17 CA C8 A9 2A 85 AD 5C
TRT Spor 17 CA C8 A9 2A 85 AD 5C
TRT 2 HD 17 CA C8 A9 2A 85 AD 5C