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SRTV Feed HD working CW Biss Key

SRTV stands for Somali National Television, which is the national public broadcaster of Somalia. SRTV was established in 1963 and has since then been providing news, information, educational, and entertainment programming to the people of Somalia.

SRTV operates several TV channels, including SNTV, which is a general entertainment channel that broadcasts news, sports, movies, and other programs. SNTV is available in Somalia and also has a large viewership among Somali communities living abroad.

In addition to SNTV, SRTV also operates several other channels, including the Somali-language educational channel, Radio Mogadishu, which broadcasts on both TV and radio.

SRTV has faced challenges in the past due to instability in the country and has struggled to maintain consistent operations. However, the broadcaster has continued to serve as an important source of information and entertainment for the Somali people.

here we are sharing the detail of SRTV Feed including its biss key.

Satellite Transponder
Eutelsat 16A @16e 12643 V 27500
Channel: SRTV FEED
CW Biss Key 7C 72 79 67 E8 35 D4 F1
update: 23/04/2023