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Shanson TV Int. CW Biss Key

Shanson TV is a Russian TV channel that is available on the Express-AMU1 satellite at 80°E. This satellite provides coverage for the Russian Federation and other countries in the region, including parts of Asia and Europe.

Shanson TV is a music channel that primarily features Russian pop, rock, and folk music, as well as music videos and live performances by Russian artists. The channel is known for promoting new and emerging talent in the Russian music industry, as well as showcasing established artists.

In addition to the Express-AMU1 satellite, Shanson TV is also available on several other satellite and cable TV providers in Russia and other countries.

Satellite Transponder
Express 80 @80e 11106 Н 45000
Channel Name CW Biss Key
Shanson TV int DCBA12A834ABCDAC
Update: 16/03/2023