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SET Entertainment another Pakistani Drama Channel

SET Entertainment, a recently launched Pakistani entertainment and drama channel, has made its debut on the satellite Paksat 1R. This exciting addition to the Pakistani television landscape is owned by Playbox, a prominent media company known for its contribution to the entertainment industry.

With its launch on Paksat 1R, SET Entertainment aims to captivate viewers across Pakistan and beyond, providing them with a diverse range of engaging content. The channel strives to offer high-quality entertainment programs, including dramas, reality shows, talk shows, game shows, and more, catering to a wide spectrum of audience preferences.

Drama is an integral part of SET Entertainment's programming lineup, with a focus on delivering compelling narratives that resonate with viewers. The channel endeavors to showcase a mix of original dramas, adaptations, and internationally acclaimed series, ensuring a captivating viewing experience for drama enthusiasts. By collaborating with talented writers, directors, and actors, SET Entertainment aims to present thought-provoking stories that reflect the social, cultural, and emotional fabric of Pakistani society.

In addition to dramas, SET Entertainment also brings a variety of other entertainment genres to its audience. Reality shows offer a platform for participants to showcase their talents and compete for coveted prizes, while talk shows provide a space for engaging discussions on current affairs, entertainment news, and celebrity interviews. Game shows add an element of excitement and interaction, allowing viewers to participate from the comfort of their homes.

SET Entertainment's launch on Paksat 1R signifies the channel's commitment to reaching a wide audience across Pakistan. Paksat 1R is a popular satellite that serves as a platform for numerous television channels, enabling viewers to access diverse programming options. By utilizing this satellite, SET Entertainment ensures widespread coverage, allowing viewers from urban and rural areas alike to enjoy its content.

As a part of Playbox, SET Entertainment benefits from the extensive experience and resources of its parent company. Playbox has a track record of delivering successful television channels and has played a significant role in shaping the Pakistani media landscape. With its strong foundation, SET Entertainment is poised to make a significant impact and establish itself as a leading entertainment and drama channel in Pakistan.

In conclusion, the launch of SET Entertainment on Paksat 1R heralds a new era of entertainment for Pakistani viewers. With its diverse range of dramas, reality shows, talk shows, and game shows, the channel aims to captivate audiences with compelling content. Backed by Playbox's expertise, SET Entertainment is set to make its mark in the Pakistani television industry, offering an engaging and enriching viewing experience for all.

SET Entertianment Technical Paramaters

Satellite Transponder
Paksat 1R @38e 4012 H 6400
Encryption: Free to aair
Updated on 27/05/2023