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IRIB Channels CW Biss Keys on Different satellites

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) is the national broadcaster of Iran, and it operates several TV channels that form the IRIB Channels Network. The IRIB Channels Network includes a variety of channels, catering to different audiences and interests, and includes:

IRIB TV1: The flagship channel of IRIB, featuring news, current affairs, and entertainment programming.

IRIB TV2: A general entertainment channel featuring a mix of TV series, movies, and live sports.

IRIB TV3: A channel aimed at youth and young adults, featuring music, entertainment, and sports programming.

IRIB TV4: A channel that focuses on cultural and religious programming.

IRIB TV5: A channel that primarily airs documentaries and educational programming.

IRIB Amoozesh: A channel that focuses on educational and instructional programming.

IRIB Quran: A channel that broadcasts Islamic programming, including recitations of the Quran.

IRIB Nasim: A channel that features lifestyle and entertainment programming.

IRIB Salamat: A health and wellness channel that focuses on medical and health-related topics.

The IRIB Channels Network also includes several regional channels that cater to specific areas of Iran, as well as several international channels, including Press TV and Hispan TV, which provide news and current affairs programming in English and Spanish, respectively.

The IRIB Channels Network plays a significant role in shaping the media landscape of Iran and providing programming that reflects the cultural and religious values of the Iranian people.

Satellite Transponder
Badr 4/5/6/7 & Es'hail 2 @26e 12322 V 30000
CW Biss Key 77 77 77 65 77 77 77 65