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Gazprom Space Systems Package Biss Keys

Gazprom Space Systems is a Russian satellite operator that provides a range of satellite communication services, including TV broadcasting, to customers in Russia and abroad. The company operates a fleet of communication satellites, including the Yamal series of satellites.

The Yamal satellite constellation is a group of Russian communication satellites that provide coverage over the territory of Russia, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. The Yamal satellites are used for various applications, including television broadcasting, telecommunications, and data transmission.

Gazprom Space Systems provides a range of TV channels on the Yamal satellite constellation, including Russian-language channels as well as channels in other languages. The exact list of channels available on the Yamal satellite may vary depending on the specific transponder and the geographic location of the viewer.

If you are interested in accessing Gazprom Space Systems' satellite TV channels on the Yamal satellite, you may need to contact a local satellite service provider or equipment vendor to inquire about availability and subscription options in your area.

In this page we are sharing the working and active cw biss keys of russian channels on satellite Yamal 402 @54.9°E

Satellite Transponder
Yamal 402 @54.9°E 11385 H 30000
- -
Channel CW Biss Key
Subbota! (0h) A1303203F2303153
Subbota! (+2h) D1303233C2303123
TNT 4 (0h) B1303213E2303143
TNT 4 (+2h) E1303243B2303113
Telekanal 2x2 (0h) C1303223D2303133
Telekanal 2x2 (+2h) F1303253A2303103
STS LOVE +0 1234569C789ABCCE
CHE +0 ABC1238F45678935
CHE +2 ABC1238F45678935
Updated on 23/04/2023