Airbox, a new Pakistani entertainment channel (now Left)

Airbox was left on the 2nd day from when it was added on Paksat satellite - Update 04/05/2023

A new pakistani channel Airbox has started on Paksat satellite. It is a HD channel and at the moment broadcasting dramas. At this time airing a comedy sitcom "wifi boys".

Here we are sharing its technical detail of satellite.

Satellite Transponder
Paksat 1R@38e 3730 V 4800
Provider Playbox Technology Limited
Name Airbox
Encryption Free to air
Update 03/05/2023

Aa we got we will update more information about this channel.

About Playbox Technology Limited

Playbox Technology Limited is a global company that provides advanced TV channel branding and playout solutions. The company has a presence in Pakistan, with an office located in Lahore. Playbox Technology Pakistan offers a range of products and services, including playout automation, character generation, scheduling, and ingest solutions for TV channels, broadcasters, and content providers. The company also provides technical support, training, and consultancy services to its clients. Playbox Technology has established itself as a reliable partner for the broadcast industry, with over 20,000 installations worldwide.