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Paksat Update: News 11, Pak Plus, Movies 1, Channel 9, E Ent. and Dhoom

Today following changes have seen on pakistani satellite Paksat 1R located at orbital position 38 east.

Satellite Official Name:  Paksat 1R/MM 1 @ 38° East

A new channel News 11 has started on Paksat. It is a urdu news channel, it technical information is here.

TP: 3982 V 1700 Auto
Video Format: MPEG-4

2nd update on this same satellite Paksat.

Following channels have started
Pak Plus, Movies 1 UK, Channel 9 Pakistan, E Entertainment, Dhoom News

and Following channel have left

Awami Darshan

All available channels on this transponder are

E Entertainment
Pak Plus
Chanel 9 Pakistan
Style TV
Dil TV
M4U Movies
AS TV Movies
Hamara TV
Dhanak TV
Cineplex 1 UK
Zindagi TV USA
Mehak TV Asia
Tehzeeb TV
DM Cinema Asia / DM News+
Dhoom News
Grand TV UK
Movies 1 UK

this all package is being broadcasted on Paksat 1R by a satellite uplinking broker SSCS Network.

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