Satellite TV Updates

ONS started on Astra 3B

Astra 3B @ 23.5° East

ONS started on

11739 V 29900 2/3

ons tv channel

ONS (formerly NostalgieNet) is a Dutch commercial television channel of Just Media Group, which is dedicated to viewers aged 49 years or older. ONS’s main target is the older audience. ONS airs footage from the forties to the eighties. Each month a specific theme is on the channel. Topics such as the Dutch East Indies, Netherlands Waterland, railroads, mills, work, food and household are broadcast. The channel launched as NostalgieNet on 1 January 2006 and changed its name into ONS on 13 September 2015.

ONS can be received through Ziggo, KPN, CAIW, KBG, CanalDigitaal, CAI, Glashart Media and HSO in the Netherlands, and through TV Vlaanderen in Flanders.


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