On 101 West Sat. PowerVU Channel

SES 1 @101°w

3880 V 30000

P 0000 00 0123456789ABCD
P 0000 01 82C0EFD82EAF93


SES-1 is a geostationary communications satellite which is operated by SES World Skies. It was originally ordered by SES Americom as a ground spare for AMC-5R, however in April 2008 a decision was made to launch it, and it was named AMC-1R. It was subsequently renamed AMC-4R, and finally SES-1 after SES Americom merged with SES New Skies to form SES World Skies. It was the third World Skies satellite to be launched following the merger, but the first to carry the new SES designation. SES-1 operates in geostationary orbit, and is intended to be located at a longitude of 101 degrees West, where it will replace the AMC-2 and AMC-4 satellites, and be used broadcast high-definition television to very small aperture terminals in the United States.

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