Satellite TV Updates

O Cominho Antigo & TV La Verdad left from SES-6

SES-6 @ 40.5° West

3899 L

O Cominho Atingo & TV La Verdad left above paramaters.

Eliseo Fernando “Bro. Eli” Soriano is a Filipino televangelist. He is the current “Overall Servant” (Tagalog: Lingkod Pangkalahatan) and de facto minister of the Philippines-based Christian organization Members Church of God International, colloquially known through its radio and television program Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path, Portuguese: O Caminho Antigo, Spanish: El Camino Antiguo). His radio and television program is considered the longest-running religious program in the Philippines.

tv la verdad

TV La Verdad is a religious broadcast station of the Philippine-based Christian organization, Members Church of God International (Spanish: Miembros Iglesia de Dios Internacional) for Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America.



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