NTV Mir biss on Amos

NTV (Cyrillic: ???) is a Russian television channel that was launched as a subsidiary of Vladimir Gusinsky’s company Media-Most (ru).  Since April 14, 2001, Gazprom Media has controlled NTV. NTV has no official meaning according to Igor Malashenko, the author of the name and co-founder of the company, but in the 1990s unofficial transcripts of the acronym include “New” (Novoye), “Independent” (Nezavisimoye), “Non-governmental” (Negosudarstvenoye), “Our” (Nashe).
ntv mir
Satellite technical details and biss key
Amos 4.0°W 11389 H 27500 3/4
Channel ID: 01FE
SID: 0009
VPid 0901
Key: AA BB CC 00 CC BB AA 00

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