New Biss Key For Monitor Games Channel on Eutelsat

It is a Gaming TV channel using Biss encryption available on Eutelsat 9A satellite. we are sharing with you its technical detail and is biss key, the bis key has been taken from a public forum.


Monitor Games
TP: 11919 V 27500 3/4 DVB-S

CW: C0 37 9C 93 E0 8F BB 2A


About Gamer TV: was a weekly television show produced by the company of the same name, that ran from 2002 to 2008. Each half-hour episode mixed topical video game news, reviews, previews and features. The series aired on a number of networks around the world including Bravo in the United Kingdom and Starz in North America. It was also shown in Canada, South America, Spain, India, and New Zealand, and video segments appeared on a number of websites, as well, including MSN. The show was banned in China. While airing, it regularly ranked as Bravo’s highest rated show.

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