MNC biss on Palapa D @ 113e

MNC is an indonesian TV channel encrypted with Biss protocol, here is its Biss key.

Premier League: Arsenal vs Manchester United (KO: 22.00)

Palapa D (113.0°E)
4186 V 8800 (MPEG2/$)
SID: 0001
CW: 3C 49 49 ED CF EE E0 9D

Palapa D (113.0°E)
3774 H 6500 (MPEG4/$)
SID: 0002
CW: 3C 49 49 ED CF EE E0 9D



Southeast Asia’s Largest and Most Integrated Media Group

Companies leading integrated media in Indonesia, PT Global Mediacom Tbk (MNC Media) has the largest portfolio of media in the country. The Company owns and operates four television stations FTA, the largest content producers in Indonesia, the largest subscription TV operators, broadband service is the fastest and the third-largest online news portal, the second largest national newspaper, and the largest radio networks. The Company also has other media businesses such as talent management and advertising agencies to support the Company’s main focus.

The main focus of PT Global Mediacom Tbk is an ad-based media and content under PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk [MNCN], and subscription-based media, PT MNC Sky Vision Tbk [MSKY].

MNCN manages four national FTA TV stations: RCTI, MNCTV, GlobalTV and iNewsTV, production units and the largest content library, as well as 22 local tv channels subscribed to MNC. In 2015, we have built state-of-the-art , integrated studio building for 4 FTA national TV station of the Company. This infrastructure specifically designed for efficient operation of broadcasting which will enhance the Company’s competitive advantage in terms of production capacity and the quality of programming that will further improve profitability.

MSKY owns and manages the largest providers of subscription television services in Indonesia through three brands namely ternamanya Indovision, TopTV and Okevision. MSKY is the most stable leader in the pay-TV sector in Indonesia with more than 70% of the market share; MSKY is the only pay-TV operator with S-Band satellite which guarantees 0% blackout.

The Company recently launched its first FTTH broadband internet operator in Indonesia, MNC Play Media. Currently, MNC Play Media already deploy broadband networks in six major cities in Indonesia. As the only broadband providers ‘ full fiber ‘ in Indonesia, Playmedia offer IPTV services with catch-up TV features the latest and fastest internet connections up to 1000Mbps.

The Company self-describe as the largest media groups and most integrated in Southeast Asia which aims to inspire and provide benefits to the community and shareholders by delivering the best quality content through innovative strategies and operating synergies.

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