Match TV & Rossia 1 Biss Keys


Match TV (Russian: ???? ! ??) is a Russian public sports channel, which began broadcasting on November 1, 2015. The channel was created by the order of Russian president Vladimir Putin, with the assistance of the editorial office of Gazprom-Media Holding,technical assistance of ANO Sports Broadcasting (Panorama brand) and the frequency of Russia-2 (VGTRK).
The general producer of the channel is Tina Kandelaki.

Match TV & Rossia 1 Biss Keys

Technical details with biss keys

Yamal 402 @ 54.9° East

12715 V 7740 3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2

For SoftCam.Key
F 00020201 00 0327022C106251C3 ;Rossia 1 (54.9°E)
F 00020201 01 0327022C106251C3 ;Rossia 1 (54.9°E)
F 001102BD 00 2608396712043811 ;Match TV (54.9°E)
F 001102BD 01 2608396712043811 ;Match TV (54.9°E)


Rossia 1
Yamal 402, 54.9°E  
New Freq 12715- V – 12151
Biss: 03 27 02 2C 10 62 51 C3

Russia-1  is a state-owned Russian television channel founded in 1991. It belongs to the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK).  Russia Channel was previously known as RTR (Russian: ???). Russia-1 has the second largest audience in Russian television. In a typical week, it is viewed by 75% of urban Russians, compared to 83% for the leading channel, Channel One. The two channels are similar in their politics, and they compete directly in entertainment. Russia-1 has many regional variations and broadcasts in many languages.

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