List Of Channels using PowerVU encryption on Intelsat 18 at 180.0°E

Intelsat 18 at 180.0°E

Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate
3753 R 30000

AFN Prime Atlantic
AFN News
AFN Sports
AFN Prime Pacific
AFN Spectrum
AFN Sports 2
AFN Family
AFN Movie
AFN Guide
AFN The Eagle Japan
AFN The Voice
AFN PowerTalk
AFN Clutch
AFN Fans
Hot AC
AFN Legacy
AFN’s Joe Radio
Today’s Best Country
NPR Worldwide AFRTS
AFN Seasonal
The Contingency Channel
AFN Freedom Radio
AFN 360 Iwakuni
AFN 360 Daegu
AFN 360 Humphreys
AFN 360 Kunsan
AFN 360 Misawa
AFN 360 Okinawa
AFN 360 Tokyo
AFN 360 Sasebo

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