List of channels using Biss encryption on G-Sat 8/16 & Yamal 402 at 55.0°E

Following information have received regarding the Biss encryption used on the satellite G-Sat 8/16 & Yamal 402 at 55.0°E

Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate
11345 Vertical 30000

Bingo Boom 1
Bingo Boom 2
Bingo Boom 3
Bingo Boom 4
Bingo Boom 5
Bingo Boom 6
Che! (0h)
STS (+2h)
Che! (+2h)
STS Love (0h)
STS (0h)

Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate
12522 Vertical 27500

Kanal Disney (+2h)


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