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Italian Football Feeds 30 Dec – Bari Vs Spal

Bari Vs Spal Italian Football Feed

important challenge in key playoffs that will be staged at 20.30 at the “St. Nicholas” in Bari and SPAL as the twenty-first round of the championship cadet program, the last of the first round. Many absences for the hosts that force Colantuono to brush the 3-4-3, guests, however, must do without Beghetto, about to move to Genoa. Antenucci it marks the first time, the Manor equalized in the second.

6 ‘On Wrong disengagement of the defense of Spal recovers Brienza ball left, from the edge of the penalty area, headed for the door.

MANOR DRAW – The Bari continues to keep the ball in the game but does not sink to the beginning of recovery, at least until the 62 ‘when Schiavon is in contact with Brienza height of the disk.

1-1 and no change in ranking: Bari and Spal divide deservedly mail after an intense match and played well. All .: Colantuono. Facilities: Ichazo, Turi, Moras, Romizi, Castrovilli, Valiani, Furlan, K. Boateng, Fedato, Abreu.

SPAL (3-5-2): Meret; Bonifazi, Vicari, Giani; Lazzari, Schiavon, Arini, Pontisso, Del Grosso; Antenucci, Zigoni. Facilities: Marchegiani, Branduani, Cremonesi, Silvestri, Beghetto, Ghiglione, Mawuli. From eleven meters Antenucci realizes it 0-1 at 36 ‘centering the bottom corner (Micai intuits but there comes a whisker).

16E Eutelsat
11021 H 5000 4.2.0
Bari Vs Spal
AA 30 12 EC 20 16 EE 24


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