IRIB TV3 biss for Badr and Arabsat

IRIB TV3 is one of the 32 national television channels in Iran.

It is the third television channel created by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and started broadcasting on December 4, 1993.[1] The channel is often referred to as the youth channel, due to its large amounts of programming dedicated to sports. The channel broadcast major Iranian sport events, mini-series, comedies, and movies (both foreign and domestic).On 7 August 2016, the TV3 network HD broadcast trial began in Tehran and provincial capitals .

Satellite tehcnical details and biss key
Badr 26°E -11900 V 27500 -FTA/Biss
Badr 26°E -11881 H 27500 –Biss(DVB-S2)
Arabsat 20°E -3964 R 30000 –Biss(DVB-S2)(C-Band)
Biss Key: 11 11 11 33 11 11 11 33

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