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Australian cricketers on the verge of making it to national squads and the Big Bash League are being targeted by bookmakers via social media. Cricket Australia head of integrity Iain Roy confirmed that foreign bookmakers are targeting players via tools such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as they seek information on squads and playing conditions.

Roy has told News Corp Australia that approaches have been quite common this summer. “We’ve had a number of approaches made on social media to players already this season,” Roy said. “Twitter approaches asking for information about team selection, pitches and that sort of thing.”

Rising young stars of the game are the main target, Roy revealed, but he would not elaborate on how many players had been targeted. Roy said cricketers in all forms of the game had been briefed not to reply to suspicious online approaches and report the behaviour to the game’s governing body.

“Australian cricket has a long-standing, proactive approach to sports integrity management,” a Cricket Australia spokesman said in a statement. “We are well aware of various methods that can be used to bring the integrity of the game into question, and combat these in a proactive way.”

While there’s been no specific evidence or links suggested to Australian cricket, no-one can afford to be complacent about these issues and we need to remain vigilant. Cricket Australia takes a zero-tolerance approach against anybody trying to bring the game’s credibility into disrepute. All players in Australia are required to complete an anti-corruption education session each season before they can compete in CA’s domestic competitions, including the BBL.”

“Players are also able to report any suspicions they have on a confidential basis and in the past there has been a strong Australian player culture to do so.”

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Intilsat20 68.5E
ID: Globecast
FREQ: 4135 H 7120
CW Biss Key: AA 53 D9 89 DD AE 14

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