Satellite TV Updates

IBA Channel, Yes Package, Tippmix, Kyiv, UA, CBS & Extreme sports

Amos 2/3/7 @ 4° West

IBA Channel 1 & IVA Channel 33 started on

11052 V 8518 3/4

Yes Package started on

11031 V 27500 5/6

Yes Package left from

11510 V

Tippmix info 1,2,3 & Tippmix elo 1,2 started on

11626 H 15000 2/3

Kyiv TV left from

10722 H 27500 3/4

UA TV left from

10842 H 30000 7/8

CBS Reality & Extreme Sports Channel left from

11222 H 30000 7/8

yes package

The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES) is an American cable and satellite television regional sports network that is owned by 21st Century Fox (which owns a controlling 80% interest and serves as managing partner) and Yankee Global Enterprises (which owns the remaining 20%). Primarily serving New York City, New York and the surrounding metropolitan area, it broadcasts a variety of sports events, as well as magazine, documentary and discussion programs; however, its main emphasis is focused on games and team-related programs involving the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (owned by minority partner Yankee Global), the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and New York City FC of Major League Soccer.

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