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Hum News HD has started programs in 4K format

Finally Hum News HD has started programs but it could be not available if you have not a 4K Satellite TV receiver. The transponder of Hum News is based on HEVC and video format of the channels is 4K. So if your receiver is HEVC supported then you can get stored this TV channel but their will be only audio broadcasting to get the video of channel it must that your box is 4K resolution supported otherwise their could be a blank screen with audio only.

In Pakistan 4K satellite receivers are very expensive even not available everywhere easily, recently Hum TV has converted video format into HD and also it has encrypted, due to lot of users are unable to gte this channel, on the same time Hum News HD has started but using very expensive technologies. It all is making troubles for satellite TV users.

Here we are sharing with you technical detail of Hum News HD (4K)

Satellite Paksat 1R @ 38 East
Transponder 3794 V 4443 3/4
Channel Name Hum News HD (4K)

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