Hotbird biss for Bethel TV, Knn, Walta, Gali kurdistan and Alsharqiya News

Biss key found which is working for several channels available on Hotbird @ 13East.
TP: 11200 V 27500
channels: Bethel TV,KNN,Walta TV,Gali Kurdistan TV
TP: 11317 V 27500
channel: Alsharqiya News
Biss: 7B 5D 6B 43 4D 6B 4C 04
Hotbird biss for Bethel TV, Knn, Walta, Gali kurdistan and Alsharqiya News
Bethel TV
Bethel Church is a non-denominational charismatic church that was established in Redding, California, as an Assemblies of God congregation in 1954 and broke with the AofG in 2006. The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry was founded by the church in 1998.
Korea New Network (KNN)(KRX: 058400), formerly PuSan Broadcasting Corporation (PSB), is the biggest regional free-to-air commercial broadcasting station based in Centum City High-tech Media district of Busan, South Korea, and affiliated with the SBS Network. Its own programs make up 35 percent of all programs.
Gali Kurdistan
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK; Central Kurdish: , translit. Yekêtiy Ni?tîmaniy Kurdistan; Kurmanji: , or: Yekîtiya Nî?timanî ya Kurdistanê; is a social democratic Kurdish political party in Iraqi Kurdistan.


The PUK was founded on May 22, 1975, by coordination between Jalal Talabani, Nawshirwan Mustafa, Ali Askari, Fuad Masum, Adel Murad, and Abdul Razaq Faily. Talabani, a former student leader, lawyer, journalist and resistance leader, has been the Secretary General of the PUK since its founding in 1975. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan describes its goals as self-determination, human rights, and democracy and peace for the Kurdish people of Kurdistan and Iraq. The current Deputy Secretary Generals are Kosrat Rasul Ali and Barham Salih. Fuad Masum, co-founder of the PUK, is the current President of Iraq.

Al Sharqiya News

Al Sharqiya (“The Eastern One”) is Iraq’s first privately owned satellite channel owned by the London, Baghdad and Dubai-based Iraqi media tycoon Saad al-Bazzaz, a secular nationalist from Mosul. Al-Bazzaz is also the Editor in Chief of the Azzaman newspaper. The station was launched in March 2004 and began regular transmission on 4 May 2004.


Al Sharqiya now has been gaining a growing audience with its mixture of popular current affairs, satire and Iraq’s first reality TV programs .

The satellite channel with the greatest reach in Iraq, according to a June Ipsos-Stat poll, is the Saudi-owned news channel Al Arabiya with 41 percent reach, followed by private Iraqi satellite channel Al Sharqiya at 40 percent.

Sharqiya’s founder says his current staff of 400 hopes to capture a wide audience by using political comedy and the kind of impartial news coverage unheard of during decades of rule by ousted head of state Saddam Hussein.

Since its formation in March 2004, the channel has gained a reputation for its humanitarian assistance and charity work which has been aimed at cities all over Iraq. As part of a programme called ‘Reputation and Capital’ (Saya’o Surmuiya) Al Sharqiya distributed a number of grants to small-scale projects that assist the needy and disabled around Iraq. The distribution of these grants around Iraq were as follows: 39% to Basra, 10% Najaf, 10% Baghdad, 7% Amara, 6%Karbala, 5%Kut, 4% Babylon, 4%Mosul, 3%Nasriya, 3%Kirkuk 5%Other cities.

The channel’s line up for the holy month of Ramadan, including humanitarian programmes, comedies, dramas, satires, music and religion is widely watched in Iraq. Monetary aid dispensed during Ramadan to 90 of the poorest families in Iraq, equated to 1 million dollars in August 2010.

In August 2008 four staff were killed in Mosul whilst on assignment. The channel’s head of news, Ali Wajih, blamed the Iraqi Government’s al-Iraqiyyah channel, saying their “campaign of slander” against the channel was “morally responsible” for the killings.

Al Sharqiya TV was fined $87,000 on the 12th of August 2009 for falsely reporting that orders had been issued to arrest ex-detainees recently released by the United States. Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, the main military spokesman in Baghdad, insisted he said only that ex-detainee files would be reviewed to determine if any of them were involved in a recent uptick in bombings.

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