HNL Biss Key on Eutelsat 16E

HNL is a headlines channel, it is using Biss encryption.
Satellite technical detail and biss key of HNL is follows
11366 V 30000 3/4
Provider: STN PLC
Info: Football HNL League – Active during matches
SID:03FA (1018-dec)
VPID:070A (1802-dec)
CW: 15 EF 63 67 3C B7 45 38
HNL Biss Key on Eutelsat 16E
HLN (Headline News) is an American pay television news channel that is owned by CNN. Originally branded as CNN2, and later CNN Headline News, the channel was originally structured to broadcast a tightly-formatted 30-minute newswheel 24 hours a day, with freshly updated information that briefly covered various areas of interest (such as national news, sports, entertainment, weather and business). Since 2005, however, its format has increasingly shifted to long-form tabloid-, opinion-, crime-, and entertainment news-related programming. In 2014, the network further re-focused with an emphasis on social media, but this practice was dropped by 2016 in favor of focusing more towards traditional news programming, with the remainder of its lineup dedicated to true crime programming (drawing heavily from the archives of defunct sister network Court TV).

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