Geo ME Biss – Paksat 1R

Geo TV (trademarked GEO TV) or Geo Television is a Pakistani television channel established in May 2002 and owned by the Independent Media Corporation. The channel began test transmission on 14 August 2002, with regular transmission beginning 1 October 2002. It was later renamed Geo Entertainment. Geo is an Urdu word meaning Live.

Geo Television Network began with Geo TV and has since launched several other Pakistan-based channels, including:

Geo Entertainment
GEO News – an Urdu news channel.
GEO Tez – Pakistan 1st headlines news channel.
GEO Super – a 24-hour sports channel devoted mainly to cricket, with a secondary focus on boxing, football, tennis and field hockey.
GEO Kahani Urdu Entertainment Channel.
In addition, until 2008, the network also operated an English language station called GEO English.

Geo Middle East is available on Paksat 1R and using Biss encryption.

Geo ME Biss - Paksat 1R

here is technical detail with biss key of Geo ME.

Fréq: 4105 – V – 2310
MPEG 2 – 4:2:0 – SDTV
ID:Geo Me
CW:30 84 10 C4 76 BE C9 FD


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