Satellite TV Updates

Imam Hussein TV 1, Gam TV, Gam Life, Gam Toon, Gam Classic, Gam Series

Express-AM6 @ 53° East

Following channels started

Imam Hussein TV 1
Gam TV
Gam Life
Gam Toon
Gam Classic
Gam Series

12594 V 27500 2/3

gem group

GEM TV  is a Persian-language entertainment satellite channel. Its headquarters is located in Dubai.

GEM Television commenced work in 2006, owned and managed by GEM Group (“General Entertainment and Media Group”).

GEM Group was established in 2001 and was based in London with the vision of being a leading company in the media industry. Soon after 2002, the headquarters moved to the UAE where it expanded and established various channels as well as subsidiary companies. These channels have Iranian viewers and other Persian-speaking viewers.

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