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English scotish football 21DEC – Peterborough v Notts County

English scotish football feed
Peterborough v Notts County
1W 11504V 15000
BISS: 8D 7F 52 5E 95 99 C5 F3
11486V 14400 in 4K
BISS: 8D 7F 52 5E 95 99 C5 F3

English Scotish Football Match Update

No cards were issued in this second round FA Cup replay which was a surprise after seeing some of the challenges made on Posh players by a certain former Premier League player!


The penalty to Notts County was also debatable with the referee awarding it while the assistant referee keeping his flag down. Posh keeper did appear to clip the feet of County striker Jon Stead at the same time as connecting his glove to the ball so it probably was a penalty!

What did you think to the referees performance?

To rate the referee, there are four categories to score the official on:

A. Decision Making (including use of advantage)
B. Consistency
C. Fitness and Positioning
D. Control and Authority

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